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Why Optics Shop?

The OpticsShop concept works, reduces and controls costs

The number of orders for US photonics products we process has risen to the level that we can reliably consolidate orders without delays of more than a day or so.

By consolidating shipments from the USA we are saving on freight costs, as in most cases the carton is more expensive to ship than the goods inside it, (by volume if not by weight). Minimum FedEx charges are about US$70- per importation, and often more.

Also Australian Customs Clearance charges are typically A$65- per importation, even when no duty is payable. (This A$65- is simply the formal charge for connection to the Australian Customs computer system that FedEx etc have to pay.) So the minimum combined cost of an importation is now typically A$165- per importation

The danger is the possibility of multiple deliveries per order, a common event, when these importation costs multiply out of your control.

Not with OpticsShop. We guarantee fixed importation costs!

Even for suppliers with whom we rarely have dealings, the goods can be shipped to a supplier with whom we have regular orders, and so consolidation is possible. We do not delay any orders until we have more than one from a particular supplier.

Of course there are limits to this low cost service. The goods ordered must not be dangerous goods (i.e. inflammable) or subject to US Export License restrictions.

Also, for larger orders, it may prove to be safer and more cost effective to ship the the goods separately. In these circumstances we will quote via Lastek in the normal manner.

Insurance Policy

Lastek OpticsShop covers all shipments of goods via a comprehensive Marine Insurance Policy with a leading insurer. The cost of the policy is in the order of 1% of goods total cost is included in the prices charged by Optics Shop.

The cover is "door to door", from the overseas supplier to the customers specified delivery address.

As OpticsShop orders are typically small in value we do not show this 1% cost element (insurance cost) separately, but include it in the price.

There is no need for customers to insure shipments separately.

Security Policy

Credit Card Security

All credit card transactions, once available, will be processed via secure link to Eway, and on to Westpac Bank.

You will only ever be requested to supply credit card details via secure link. Eway then confirm the amount approved to Lastek via a secure link

When established Lastek's system will retain in secure files your credit card details linked to your customer record, so that you do not have to enter the details every time you order.

Customer Name Confidentiality

Lastek/OpticsShop will not not disclose customer names or any or transaction details to any outside party and will use them only for processing orders placed through OpticsShop.