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How to order

1. Go to the website of your US supplier of choice and select the products you need.

2. Once your shopping trolley is ready for check out, proceed to check-out, but do not complete the purchase. (If you complete the transaction and give your credit card details you will have by then lost control of the freight and importation costs.)

3. Copy the contents of your shopping basket and leave the US suppliers website. (Dont worry, they will still get the order, but via OpticsShop.)

4. Go to OpticsShop Place orders and paste your shopping basket contents into the free form order form.

5. Fill in your contact details and the name of the US supplier.

6. OpticsShop will now order the contents of your shopping trolley for you at US list +10% plus $50- for delivery, plus GST, and arrange the consolidation.

7. As the goods arrive in Australia, they will be held in Adelaide until they are all in hand, and then they will be delivered in one shipment to the customer. There will be no extra charges no matter how many part deliveries are involved.

8. If you want part deliveries these can be arranged at a charge of $15- per second or subsequent delivery from Adelaide.

9. To order from another US supplier, start another order per the procedure above. The A$50- fee appliers to an order for goods weighing less than 1kg from one US supplier. For orders exceeding 1kg an additional A$15- per kg or part there-of will apply.

Place an order as follows:

1. Orders to OpticsShop are freeform via email. You can paste or type any instruction into the email to OpticsShop and our experienced staff will record an order, check the availability and pricing and send a confirmation to you.

If you have a copy of a shopping trolley please click on the link to OpticsShop below, paste the contents of the shopping trolley in the email, add the delivery instructions and any order # or reference, US supplier name and your contact details, and send it to us.

Payment instructions involving credit cards can be given via fax to OpticsShop 08 84438427 or via 1800 882215.

Please always give contact details for us to be able to get back to you and the name of the US supplier.

2. Email Opticsshop